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Kevin O’Donnell



Kevin O’Donnell


Justin Swain, Kevin O’Donnell, Steven Ray

A Boston-based crime drama in the vein of Mystic River and

No Country For Old Men.


When ex-Boston cop turned Quincy bar owner Terry Flynn’s eighteen year-old daughter is raped and put into a coma at a college party, the person responsible must pay with his life, according to Terry’s old school code.


Terry tried to recruit the reluctant and sensitive Shane Flynn, Terry’s recently sober thirty-five year old son from his first marriage, to help hunt down the attacker. But Shane is a new father trying to put his life together while on parole for a DUI conviction, and there’s bad blood between father and son going back years. Terry plays on Shane’s guilt and ultimately gains his trust, promising Shane that there is no way they will get caught: he’s got a perfect plan.


After a series of horrific events, Shane discovers a long buried secret about his father and is faced with a life-changing choice. As an unstoppable storm of human carnage gains momentum, the lone wolf of retribution begins a deadly hunt of its own against the Flynn family.


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