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Ten-year-old Maxine (Max) Kuftinec lives in New York with her overworked parents and younger sister. Max is offered an opportunity to attend an all-girls private school, and chooses to go—but it’s clear from her first day that she doesn’t fit in with these rich girls. Looking for an after-school activity, she wanders into the chess club, hoping someone will teach her how to play—but instead, she is publicly humiliated by mean girl Isabella. On her way home, Max walks by the famous chess tables in Washington Square Park, and one grizzled old player catches her eye. She approaches and asks him to teach her how to play. At first, feisty old Norman refuses—but, after Max proves herself by completing one of Norman’s challenges, he agrees to help her.


Norman sees the chessboard as a reflection of the real world, and teaches Max to do the same—to view each chess piece as a person in her life, either a friend or an enemy. When it comes time to learn how to move the pieces, Norman sends Max into the city to find the answers. And in a magical twist, New York itself actually does help teach Max.


Max refines her game until she’s ready to take on Isabella. Their decisive match—played on Norman’s board in the park—brings together the real and the magical in a climax that sees Max, for the first time, take full responsibility for her decisions and her own future.


Family / 92 Minutes




Academy Award® winner: Best Actor, Amadeus; Golden Globe® winner and BAFTA nominee. Also seen in The Name of the Rose, Scarface, Inside Llewyn Davis,

The Grand Budapest Hotel; currently featured on Homeland.



Worldwide hit Karate Kid movie franchise. Other movies include Crossroads,

My Cousin Vinny, The Outsiders, Hitchcock.



Two-time Emmy Award® nominee for The Larry Sanders Show. Also seen on The West Wing, 24, Saturday Night Live and The Ben Stiller Show. Films include The Truth About Cats & Dogs, Reality Bites, The Cable Guy.



Tony Award® winner for the title role in the musical Matilda. Also co-stars in Southpaw opposite Jake Gyllenhaall and Rachel McAdams, and in the upcoming Pete’s Dragon.



Film debut with A Little Game. Starred on stage at New York’s Vineyard Theatre with Tony Award® nominee Kathleen Chalfant and Golden Globe® nominee Kate Mulgrew.



Academy Award® winner: Best Supporting Actress, Moonstruck. Also appeared in

Steel Magnolias, Mr. Holland’s Opus. Her stage work has won her an Obie Award and a Drama Desk Award. On television, she was nominated for a Golden Globe® for Sinatra, and an Emmy Award® for her BAFTA-nominated performance in Armistead Maupin’s Tales of the City.



Evan Oppenheimer



Michael Mailer

   A Little Game

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