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Two men are trapped in an isolated lighthouse, surrounded by the deadly Irish sea—cut off from the outside world. A dangerous freak storm rages for months, and getting help seems impossible. With rapidly dwindling food and water, the men gradually spiral into a desperate and aggressive cabin fever. Locked away from the fierce storm in tiny living quarters, the men spend their time drinking and fighting, with both men’s minds pushed to their limits.


Suddenly, a terrible tragedy hits one of them, leaving the other fighting to keep his sanity in a nightmarish situation. We see the survivor’s will to survive, with only the decomposing body of his colleague, the creaking structure of the lighthouse and the roaring storm to keep him company—afraid that he will be accused of murder.

“Chilling…bold…a dark and disquieting journey
into the heart of madness. Beautifully played by
the always-reliable Mark Lewis Jones and Crow regular Michael
Jibson…deftly and cleanly realized by (director) Chris Crow.
The Lighthouse is a welcome beacon of quality.”

Paul Mount, Starburst


Thriller (U.K.)  / 102 minutes



Michael Jibson

Disney’s upcoming live-action Beauty and the Beast, Les Miserables, Panic Button,

Devil’s Bridge, The Bank Job


Mark Lewis Jones

BAFTA Wales winner: Best Actor, The Passing

Trespass Against Us, Queen of the Desert, Child 44, Ridley Scott’s Robin Hood, Troy



Chris Crow

Panic Button, Devil’s Bridge, A Viking Saga: The Darkest Day



David Lloyd

Cruel Summer, Devil’s Bridge

The Lighthouse

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