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Joan Weldon just found out she is dying of lung cancer… so, of course, she lights up a cigarette in celebration! Years of heavy drinking, chain-smoking, and bad behavior have destroyed relationships with her children, and her marriage—her kids blame her, her husband can’t stand to be around her, and her best friend never wants to see her again—but those years definitely did not take away her sense of humor.


Realizing she has only a short time left to make things right, Joan sets out to fix as much of the damage as possible. She works hard to repair and reunite with each person important to her, and she also tracks down the love of her life that she let get away. On this journey, Joan discovers the road to forgiveness is a two-way street, reminding us that any hurt can heal, any wrong can be righted, and true love lasts a lifetime—in this hilarious and heartfelt dark comedy.


Drama / 88 Minutes




KATHLEEN CHALFANT: Tony Award® nominee (Angels in America)

Currently in Showtime’s Golden Globe® Award-winning The Affair; also seen in

Michael Clayton, Duplicity, Company Man, Bob Roberts, Kinsey, Netflix’s House of Cards


KEIR DULLEA: Golden Globe Award® winner (David and Lisa; also BAFTA nominee)

Kubrick’s 2001: A Space Odyssey, The Thin Red Line, Infinitely Polar Bear, The Fox,

Robert De Niro’s The Good Shepherd


ALICE RIPLEY: Tony Award® winner (Next to Normal)

Tony Award nominee for Side Show; also in The Who’s Tommy and Sunset Boulevard


MIA DILLON: Tony Award® nominee (Crimes of the Heart)

The Money Pit, Gods and Generals, All Good Things


ROBERT LuPONE: Tony Award® nominee (A Chorus Line)

Michael Haneke’s Funny Games, Dead Presidents, Oliver Stone’s The Doors,

Jesus Christ Superstar, HBO’s The Sopranos



Gods and Generals, The Devil’s Own, The Field, Green Card, The Bonfire of the Vanities,

Mr. & Mrs. Bridge, She’s the One, Reversal of Fortune



Michael Patrick Kelly



Suzanne Hayes-Kelly, Michael Patrick Kelly



Alfred Caiola

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