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FRIENDS AND ROMANS is a classic comedy about Nick DeMaio (Michael Rispoli), a frustrated Italian-American actor who is determined to rise above the typecasting that always finds him playing the role of “Mobster No. 3.” When he and his actor friends—most of them always playing extras in gangster movies—stage a production of Shakespeare’s Julius Caesar to showcase their talents, art collides with real life as mobsters and federal agents mistake them for actual “wiseguys.” With the help of his wife Angela (Annabella Sciorra), his daughter Gina (Katie Stevens), and a number of stars from HBO’s The Sopranos (including Tony Sirico, Anthony DeSando, Tony Darrow, John Bianco, Armen Garo, Donnamarie Recco, and Joe D’Onofrio), Nick tries to find his way through the comic complications of life.


Comedy  / 97 Minutes



Michael Rispoli

Two Family House, Kick- Ass, While You Were Sleeping, The Rum Diary


Annabella Sciorra

Emmy® Award nominee for The Sopranos, also in The Hand That Rocks the Cradle, Jungle Fever, Cop Land


Paul Ben-Victor

True Romance, Don Jon, Tombstone, Daredevil, A Civil Action, Crazy in Alabama


Tony Sirico

GoodFellas, Dead Presidents, Cop Land, Bullets Over Broadway


Katie Stevens

American Idol (Top 10 Finalist and Live Show tour), MTVs Faking It; CSI: Immortality


Director, Co-Writer

Christopher Kublan



Gregg Greenberg



Michael Mailer

  Friends and Romans

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