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Robert Manciero



Cameron Keys

Tinker Lindsay (Co-writer, Hector and the Search for Happiness)



Debbie Vandermeulen, Michael Fister, Robert Manciero

The nightmare is real—this shocking story actually happened.


Annie Cook is an explosive thriller—a rollercoaster ride of desperate longing and dreadful need with an almost unimaginable cost. Annie Cook, a

pie-baking, power-wielding force of evil, is pitted against Ruth Spangler, an eccentric twelve-year-old with an unknown past. The year is 1939 in the

Nebraska farm town of North Platte—still reeling from depression and drought,

its citizens too worried about their very survival to notice the evil growing in its midst.


Annie Cook is the Queen of Seduction: a manipulative charmer who believes everyone has his or her price.


Ruth Spangler is a lonely child who desperately wants to feel special. Ruth

doesn’t know it, but her very existence threatens Annie Cook’s almost godlike

ability to dominate and control their community. When these two collide—over

a buried bone and an unsolved murder—the result is deadly.


Part Godfather, part serial killer… Annie Cook is living proof that monsters do



Annie Cook begins with a mystery, then takes us on a wild ride into a

world of pure evil —and finally— redemption. In the process, we learn from a fragile but brave girl the universal truth that makes this dramatic story

ultimately rewarding:


Evil is contagious.


But so is goodness.


                                 …And so is courage.




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